Creationism vs evolution carbon dating

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Does carbon dating prove the earth is millions of years old? | Creation Today

Evolution is change in the heritable characteristics of biological populations over successive generations. Different characteristics tend to exist within any given population as a result of mutation , genetic recombination and other sources of genetic variation. The scientific theory of evolution by natural selection was conceived independently by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace in the midth century and was set out in detail in Darwin's book On the Origin of Species. This is followed by three observable facts about living organisms: 1 traits vary among individuals with respect to their morphology, physiology and behaviour phenotypic variation , 2 different traits confer different rates of survival and reproduction differential fitness and 3 traits can be passed from generation to generation heritability of fitness. In the early 20th century, other competing ideas of evolution such as mutationism and orthogenesis were refuted as the modern synthesis reconciled Darwinian evolution with classical genetics , which established adaptive evolution as being caused by natural selection acting on Mendelian genetic variation. All life on Earth shares a last universal common ancestor LUCA [10] [11] [12] that lived approximately 3. Existing patterns of biodiversity have been shaped by repeated formations of new species speciation , changes within species anagenesis and loss of species extinction throughout the evolutionary history of life on Earth.

How Do Creationists Explain Dinosaurs?

Objections to evolution have been raised since evolutionary ideas came to prominence in the 19th century. When Charles Darwin published his book On the Origin of Species , his theory of evolution the idea that species arose through descent with modification from a single common ancestor in a process driven by natural selection initially met opposition from scientists with different theories , but eventually came to receive overwhelming acceptance in the scientific community. The observation of evolutionary processes occurring as well as the modern evolutionary synthesis explaining that evidence has been uncontroversial among mainstream biologists since the s. Since then, most criticisms and denials of evolution have come from religious groups, rather than from the scientific community. Although many religious groups have found reconciliation of their beliefs with evolution, such as through theistic evolution , other religious groups continue to reject evolutionary explanations in favor of creationism , the belief that the universe and life were created by supernatural forces.
Whenever the worldview of evolution is questioned, the topic of carbon dating always comes up. Here is how carbon dating works and the assumptions it is based upon. Radiation from the sun strikes the atmosphere of the earth all day long.

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