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This paper proposes a review of the use of lichenometry in Iceland since , using different techniques to solve the chronology of geomorphic processes. Based on the results of over 35 published studies, lichenometry has been widely applied in Iceland, proposing numerical ages absolute dating and relative ages relative dating of different surfaces. Increasing awareness of methodological limitations of the technique, together with more sophisticated data processing, has led some authors to claim that lichenometric 'ages' are robust and reliable. However, the different measurement techniques used make it difficult to compare regions or studies in the same area. These problems are exacerbated in Iceland by rapid environmental changes across short distances and more generally by lichen species mis-identification in the field.

How Long Do Lichens Live?

Competition on the Rocks: Community Growth and Tessellation

A lichen is a symbiosis between a fungus and a photobiont. In either case, the photobiont performs photosynthesis providing nourishment for the fungal partner. The fungal partner in turn provides a habitat for the photobiont that includes moisture and proper exposure to light. There is no mistake that both partners get something out of the relationship — the photobiont is provided a habitat moisture, filtered light by the fungus and the fungus obtains nutrients carbohydrates from the photobiont. However, many feel like the photobiont gets the short end of the stick. It has been shown that the fungus kills photobiont cells but, because the photobiont reproduces faster than its cells are killed, the lichen persists.

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Crustose lichen communities on rocks exhibit fascinating spatial mosaics resembling political maps of nations or municipalities. Although the establishment and development of biological populations are important themes in ecology, our understanding of the formation of such patterns on the rocks is still in its infancy. Here, we present a novel model of the concurrent growth, establishment and interaction of lichens.
Studies of rockfalls and block slides provide insight about seismic shaking hazards in alpine mountains subject to earthquakes. Large samples of the longest axis of the largest lichen on each block can be used to identify regional landslide events; lichen-size distributions for many sites cluster consistenly at the same sizes. The coseismic rockfall lichenometry model can be used to 1 date and locate prehistorical earthquakes, 2 document regional frequency of earthquakes, and 3 describe regional patterns of seismic shaking.

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